Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider

By combining the best of fibre and licenced wireless into a single solution, Solver Technologies is able to offer assured access with the flexibility you need to connect.

Connection options are dependant on number of users per location. Contact Us today to enquire about the availability of Fixed Wireless in your area.

Better for the community, Better for the Planet

With a minimal footprint and no disruptive and costly construction or trenching, we can provide a superior internet service without damaging local infrastructure or the environment. Specialising in remote or hard to reach areas, we strive to serve communities that require services not readily available elsewhere.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

We are not only a ISP, we offer a wide range of technical services, including hosted servers, Microsoft 365 migrations, hardware and software upgrades as well as business consulting. Built fit for purpose, our solutions can drive your ICT strategy.

Next Generation Technologies

Staying current and up to date on the latest innovations and hardware the market has to offer is a daunting task. That is why we do the research and technology testing to offer you the best and fit for purpose services in order for you to keep ahead in all matters relating to technology and ICT.


We provide the following services. Please contact us for all your IT requirements.

Data Cloud

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider

Hard Drive Backup

Hardware Upgrades and Repairs

Typing on a Computer

Firewalls and Antivirus

Digital social media

Home and Corporate Wifi Solutions

CD Drive

Software For Home and Business


Microsoft 365 Solution Provider